Beaumont Suites – Barbados

As my first order of business in regards to Destinations I felt that it was necessary to begin with not only where I went last week, but where we stayed.

Knowing we’d be going to the Gem of The Caribbean, there was no doubt that we wanted to stay as close to the clear blue beaches as possible. As the procrastinator that I tend to be, we didn’t actually start looking into hotels till a week and a half before our departure. Some may call it stupid, I like to call it living the dangerous life, ha! After constant searching, on Expedia, Bookit, Airbnb, etc we began to worry that we wouldn’t find something in our price range, or in our wishes of staying by the water, all while actually looking pleasant and comfortable.

Until I found the Beaumont Suites!
According to Expedia it was rated 4.2 stars, was located in Christ Church – Barbados, walking distances of Enterprise Beach and on the main road of where most buses and taxis pass by constantly. It was an Apartment style suite, with 2 bedrooms + 1 bathroom. The advertised photos looked elegant, clean, modern, and most important entirely in our price range. Without hesitation we booked the suite, all while our anticipation to arrive to the Gem of The Caribbeans grew stronger and stronger.

Day of Arrival
As we landed into the captivating country of Barbados we quicktly noticed that the suite we had booked did not have an official address, and when we Google Maps “Beaumont Suites” nothing came up. Our stomaches immediately turned up side down, our minds filled with anguish hoping we hadn’t just booked a suite that didn’t actually exist. We got our bags and headed to the taxi line outside the airport, we right away were asked to give the address to the hotel/location of our destination. With uncertainty we told the driver that we did not have an address but only a photo map from Expedia telling us it was located in Hastings, in between two streets. I think that was the longest 15 minute car ride of my life, the distrust of not knowing if we were actually going to find this place was enough to cause nausea in my stomach.

After what seemed like an eternity and a half, I laid my eyes on the Beaumont Suites sign and shouted “It’s there, it’s there!” finally catching my breath we parked where we were met by a lady, Sam. With a warming smile on her face she greeted us as we each stepped out of the vehicle and directed us into the suite.

Sam then gave us a little tour of the suite, told us where all the main appliances were (iron, iron board, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, detergent, etc) as well  left us a clipboard with any contact information needed (hers, the nearest pharmacy, banks, transportation) and of course a list of must-dos in the country. She even had a complementary bottle of the native Mount Gay Rum for our disposal as the door. After her departure we settled in, put some music on and enjoyed our first drink of  the countries delicious Mount Gay rum!

Overall Review
After our five night stay here we left over-the-moon happy. Although, it’s always nice to stay at a hotel where there are people accommodating to you at every second, the way I like to travel is by doing things the way I want to, when I want to, and how I want to – the Beaumont Suites definitely allowed us to do that. We were told by taxi drivers who would drop us off that the actual building where we stayed at was around 80 years old and had a lot of history; while inside it felt newly renovated, making the stay that much more enjoyable. The beds were extremely comfortable, I’d wake up with sun beaming through the fogged windows making it almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning! With a full-size fridge, ice maker, stove, oven, sink, and washer + dryer; the Beaumont Suites allowed us to take control of our trip and made us truly feel like locals of the island. The kitchen had pots + pans, all types of cups + plates, tea + coffee, also their native hot sauce. The entrance has all sorts of welcoming gifts, such as sunscreen, bug repellent, restaurant + bar recommendations and lets not forget the beautiful touch of the Rum bottle. Feet away from the suite are the local bus stops, a mini market with fresh fruits + local groceries + alcohol, and most importantly THE BEACH!

The only negatives are that they don’t have any property amenities, such as a pool, or inner restaurant, but if you like to explore things outside of your hotel/location than this is the perfect Airbnb style hotel for you!

Below are the links to booking your stay at the Beaumont Suite:
note: This recommendation has in no way been a paid placement or has sponsored our stay.


Stay tuned, next week I will be discussing my entire Barbados trip in-depth, filled with Must-do’s, Restaurant + Bar Recommendations, and much more!



One thought on “Beaumont Suites – Barbados

  1. I love this so much. You described everything so beautifully, you make it so easy to want to continue reading and reading. Glad to have been able to share this with you, can’t wait till next week to read the entire trip!! Love ya.


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