ArtSplash Centre – Barbados

Eat Raw, Drink Raw – Live Long, Live Happy

After a few days of consistent home-made grilled ham + cheese sandwiches for breakfast at our Beaumont Suite hotel, we decided to try something new! My girlfriend found what looked to be a cute, cozy brunch spot a couple of bus stops away; naturally our inner Miamian was screaming “BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS!”, but to our surprise, Mimosas were a foreign theory to Bajans. *sad face*

The newly renovated ArtSplash is a true gem to the island; it’s located right in front of the Barbados Boardwalk. We walked in expecting a simple café, but then realized it was much more than just that! Not only was it a café offering an assortment of nutritious smoothies, juices, and healthy breakfast + lunch spot offering gluten-free meal options, but also an Art Gallery, home to many exhibitions done by local Bajans. Upon walking around the café we were told in addition to both those things the ArtSplash is initially an Art School, where they run various workshops and art-related camps for children and art classes for adults! Similar to a “Painting with a Twist” back in Florida.

After eating endless carbs for breakfast days before, I felt I needed something fruity and light – so I ordered the Acai Fruit Bowl $14 ($7 USD) which included berries, banana, coconut shreds, cacao nibs, granola, acai, and seasonal fruit. *writes ingredients – instantly thinks* “brb, booking a flight back”  I’ve had many Acai Fruit Bowls in America,  but this one by far blew me out of the water. With every bite and every tastebud, I could taste the freshness of each ingredient.

My boyfriend ordered the Smoked Salmon Toasted Bagel, $22 ($11 USD), which included smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers, lettuce salad and a side of grilled sweet potato cubes. Everything from the cut of the salmon to the creaminess of the cream cheese to the crunchiness of the bagel, made this (fake) New Yorker feel just at home.

My girlfriend and her boyfriend ordered the Gluten-Free Pancakes + the Eggs Benedict. The Gluten-Free Pancakes $18 ($9 USD) made with chickpea flour were served with apple + blueberry fruit compote, greek yogurt, powder sugar and maple syrup. The Eggs Benedict $24 ($12 USD) which included two halves of english muffins, topped with SALMON (instead of bacon), poached egg, hollandaise sauce and capers.

Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday outside of the ArtSplash Centre they have a Hastings Farmers Markets from 8am to 2pm. After our delicious breakfast we decided to check out the farmers market, where there was a vast selection of local and organic fruits, vegetables, and home-made baked goods. As well as hand-crafted items such as organic body soaps/creams, jewelry, frames, sculptures, and souvenirs.

  Below are the ArtSplash’s hours of operation + contact information:
Café: Monday – Friday 7am-3pm
Saturday 8am-3pm
Sunday 8am-2pm

Address: ArtSplash, Santaneta,
Hastings, Barbados.

Phone: +1 246 2280776

 Stay tuned, next week I will be discussing other Restaurant + Bar Recommendations, and much more!



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